21 June 2011

Midnight Cooking

I went to bed last night at 11 pm with every intention of going to sleep relatively early in preparation for an early morning. I didn't succeed however. I tossed and turned thinking about things to cook, while my stomach grumbled. By midnight, I was up and in the kitchen with Tchaikovsky keeping me company. I chopped vegetables to be used later in the week, and most importantly for today's lunch since I knew I wouldn't be happy running on such little sleep when I had to wake up, did the dishes, and even marinated and baked tofu! I would have to say I am most excited about my tofu endeavor which was seasoned in a garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar mixture before being baked. Some slices of it are waiting for me in today's lunchtime salad and I anticipate I will experiment more with it in the future.

Another recipe I want to try in the future is this take on a West Coast restaurant's "Yumm Sauce". One of the blogs that I routinely follow has been featuring it nearly every day for the past week, which has admittedly been frustrating me (I want some culinary inspiration!), but it's come to the point where I am going to go ahead and try it. The real sauce is actually vegan, as is that recipe, but when I make it this evening I am going to go ahead and make it vegetarian and more to my liking by replacing the nutritional yeast with some parmesan cheese, and the chickpeas with freshly re-hydrated cannellini beans. I also hope to play around with the flavor profiles by adding lime instead of lemon, but I'll leave that idea for a little later on.

Stay tuned!

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